Had been married three times, giving the son of the fourth husband death threat

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Ahmedabad via a Matramanial site Rajubhai a business acquaintance of the girl occurred in Mumbai, the two tied the knot three years ago. According to the site add the girl was never married, but three years later came to know that the business of his wife have been married three times before. Moreover, the wife three former husbands’ was not even legally separated.

Rajubhai is a son of this marriage, which is the wife Pinky went to Mumbai and a few cash and demand is flat. He is threatening that he would kill the child if it does not meet demand. Chandkheda police station registered the case is being investigated.

The victim, a resident of Ahmedabad Chandkheda area Rajubhai business is the delivery of the business. Rajubhai from wife Pinky met through the site in 2013 was a Matrimni. Pinky’s parents then asked her to marry him as soon as possible, Rajubhai’s family was not able to because of the confusion. The two married in 2013 and went to the house of the son was born the next year.

Upon returning home from work one day his wife Pinky Rajubhai his mother on the phone heard talking about their former husbands, he was amazed. Pinky asked about this before she realized that her three marriages have taken place and they have not Divorce.

Pinky and the quarrel between the two sons left home with his parents went to Mumbai. Now he is asking for cash and property so Rajubhai have registered a case of cheating against him.