woman-the priceless boon.

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-Henna Kaushal

A woman is an  epitome of love,sacrifice,care and ability to nurture life. ”

The combination of internal and external beauty has made indian woman special. They are making high strides as leaders, innovoters, and money earners around the world. Infant they are breaking new grounds  in every industry and closing Albeit slowly.

The Indian beauty signify,” when going gets rough, the tough gets going”.

Intellectually, mentally and spritually, women are stronger and can participate in any activity. They have the highest place be it MotherMary, Mother Terressa, raza Sultan, Rani Laxmibai, Indra Gandhi, Kiran Bedi,Sushmita Sen, Kalpana Chawala to Sarla Thakral. Women have contributed to social changes and the awareness is immense.

Today, being the international womans Day(IWD),It is globly known celebration in more than hundred countries now. May have a vague awareness  of this holiday. If grassroots are to be believed,womens day was established by NewYork city women’s march at Washington on March 8,1907 to  succede  in their effort to convience around the world to join a day of action by Harmeet and textile workers.

In the time when central Government  is emphasising on, “Beti-Bachao-Beti Padhao”slogan,

Common woman is suffering from class bars who come from small town and are reportedly related as the prey towards dowary, gender bias, patriachy by the educated society.

The perfect examples are the recent much talked about Movies, “Pink”and,”lipstick”that signify forced and often cruel based occupation of private parts.

Women liberation in India is restricted to the urban elite pocket which organized, Female solidatery March, Kitty party to celebrate women”s day,  one must realise that woman has alot of significance and major roles to play.

“Be bold to change”for you are the strength who handle troubles, one who is worth. Remember you are a woman,the real angel

Happy women’s day.