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-Henna Kaushal


People, thou my age or above in India, can on no account forget the land mark year, when” Fido-Dido”, the famous 7up boy became a popular cartoon character amongst us.

Print media and Animatronics has been publishing cartoon strips through fortnightly magazines, graphic novels and  television screen since a long time, that the amazing memories of good old days, specially the warm glow of television screens, a fuzzy blanket on bed and how we used to wait for 3pm weekend snacks or school vacations to witness the sequential episodes like,  cha-cha choudhary”s“Tales pin”,” Duck tales,” chutti-chutti”, “Aladdin” and “Bewitched”, “Danasur”, “ The Simpsons” in Doordarshan made us  get involved with ongoing cartoons so much that the real happenings around  went unaware.

At the brink of maturity in the time of candy crush craze, one may find ones shoulder burdened with adulthood, a person who should start acting their own age and watch documentaries instead of toons screaming loud “Blah blah, blah”.It is then that, the”Peter –Pan”, “Harry potter” and “The complete Sherlock” references relax our brains that releases endorphins while laughing and strike a chord of mischievousness still existing in us.

Animations are the outward appearance of amusing stuffed arts that are described as standard of excellence, especially in movies which are getting better with age particularly references that make the youngsters flick award worthy. Not only these films develop our vocabulary but the phrases that we missed in our childhood, actually understand them as grown –ups and get nostalgic as well.


Oh, sugar honey ice tea!

Just I whispered before, we get all the phrases, like “peek-a-boo” from the movie Hotel Transylvania  and “sugar honey iced tea” from the movie “Madagascar. As Dexter, we know the first letter of each word spell not so kind friendly term yet the knowledge alone is a sheer splendidness.

Now that we are getting on, we have our own penny to spend on all of the film commodities and Disney stores; we possibly desire and quote the film lines in everyday scenarios in addiction to animatronics. we dress or drink out of cups covered in” minions” from” Despicable Me”.

Thanks to the fancy checks, one can swim inHow to Train Your Dragon”   stuffed toys.

Life is good folks.

With a plethora of films under  the divan today that we probably count,.Avataar is one such cinematic master piece while others are “Sharknado” and “Moby Dick” under  theological viewpoints  “A monster in Paris “or “The lion King” are the brilliant depiction of romantic relationships via touching mosaic and a heart breaking score.

Finally, string a chord of bygone time, when we moved to the collage life and decide to give away our beloved stuffed teddy bears, with parent’s difficulty in accepting our growth. Here we are identified with Nomo’s need of independence as he grown-up in “Finding Nemo”

There is no rebuff that children movies are awe-inspiring. Sometimes they teach us  positive society standards, a taste of our youth while simultaneously warming our cold and bitter grown up hearts.

As I grow older, I cannot have to let go of the films that thought me like “poo’s character in “Kumfu panda” how to be the person I am today.

“There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”- Wreck-It-Ralph

Be the one who is inspired by animated characters to spread messages among people more satirically just as much (may be not more than so) as when you were a tod.

“ We don’t mature through age , we mature through awesomeness”- Kumfu panda