WAR INTENSIFIES: After Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma Now UNFOLLOWS Ali Asgar & Chandan Prabhakar!

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Mumbai, Apr 14: Kapil Sharma has stopped following Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabbhakar on Twitter. He fired this salvo, this morning, a little before the Ratings of his show touched an all-time low of just 2.

The move clearly stems from Kapil’s anger and frustration over the show’s performance in the last four weeks after Sunil Grover, Ali and Chandan deserted him. We are sure that he knows in his heart of hearts (though on the face of it he might be in denial mode) that the programme’s quality has deteriotrated by the day.

For those who’ve come in late, Ali and Chandan stopped attending the shoots of The Kapil Sharma Show soon after Kapil had a big fight with Sunil Grover mid-air on their way back from Australia on March 16. Ali and Chandan, play two pivotal characters in Kapil’s show- Dadi and Chandu Chaiwallah- respectively (Note well, Ali and Chandan- during the fight- were not spared on uncharitable remarks from Kapil). And of course, Sunil, who has also been missing from the shoots, plays the unforgettable Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Devi.

This raises a lot of questions: Is Kapil clearly telling Ali and Chandan that they are no more required on the show? Does Sony (broadcaster) approve of Kapil’s recent social media antics directed against his colleagues? Why is Kapil not realising his wrong and apologising whole-heartedly to the trio and including Kiku (the sycophant who continues to be a part of the show despite being told that he is just a 10k/day artiste)? Does this augur well for the show’s future? Will Sony renew Kapil’s contract (the existing one ends on April 23)? Have Sunil, Ali and Chandan sent some kind of message across that they are just not interested anymore in The Kapil Sharma Show?

A source says, “After Kapil unfollowed Sunil on social media, it was expected that he will unfollow Ali and Chandan too, But when he didn’t soon after he unfollowed Sunil, one thought that Kapil wouldn’t carry this so far.”

Adds the source, “The daggers are now fully drawn. Patch-up ki sambhavna nahin nazar aa rahi hai. It will take a lot on everyone’s part, including Sony, to revive the magic this show once had.”