April 21, 2019

Eco Friendly Celebration of Festivals mitigates Cardiac Events: Dr Sushil

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Jammu, Oct 15: Continuing his campaign to aware the common populace about the prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases and prevention thereof Dr. Sushil today deliberated upon a major urban environmental challenge as a leading cause of rise in the Cardiovascular problems. He claimed that Air pollutants contribute to serious, even fatal damage to the cardiovascular system and air pollution is a factor that we can’t control just through healthy lifestyle.

Epidemiological studies have demonstrated a consistent increase risk for cardiovascular events in relation to both short and long term exposure to present-day concentration of ambient particulate matter. Studies indicate that cities with high nitrogen oxide concentrations had death rates four times higher than those with low nitrogen oxide concentrations. Higher fine particulate matter exposure was also associated with increases in stress hormone levels, which are believed to induce high blood pressure, inflammatory and metabolic effects in the body.

Interacting with the natives of the Sunjwan area of the Jammu city who were screened and advised during the medical camp Dr. Sushil attracted their attention towards one’s obligation towards the environment by contributing whatsoever little one can do to make it clean for healthy living. No doubt vehicular and industrial pollution is the frontrunner in adding harmful air pollutants in the atmosphere but our little step towards ecological living and celebrating festivals in an eco friendly way prevent environmental deterioration from further rise thereby reducing our risk to major health pandemics. Citing the celebration of Deepawali where fireworks are the main attraction of this festival.  He advised that Children, especially those inclined towards fireworks, should be sensitised at an early age about effects of fireworks on the environment. Parents should discourage children from bursting fireworks and if they must be burst then at least do so in limited quantities. Fire crackers are dangerous to a child’s safety and health as they may cause serious burn injuries.

Fireworks produce toxic smoke and dust containing various heavy metals, sulphur, coal compounds and other noxious chemicals. Cadmium, lithium, antimony, rubidium, strontium, lead and potassium nitrate are also commonly used to produce various effects even though they can cause a host of cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. Noise emanating from the bursting of firecrackers especially affect the elderly suffering from high blood pressure and increases the stress level which in turn triggers the onset of cardiovascular events, he added.

Residents of the area Master Younis Rahi , Abdul Majid , Hussain Mohammad, Sardar Gurdev Singh  and Hari Ram applauded the adherence of Dr. Sushil and his team for the social cause of rising awareness regarding CVDs among the less informed and vulnerable section of the society.  Dr S. P. Verma Chairperson Gandhi Global family also graced the occasion. More than 350 patients were screened and advised during the camp. Preventive health check up tests and free medicines were given as per the prescription.

Others who were part of this medical camp cum awareness drive includes Dr. Kewal Sharma, Dr. Anitipal Singh, Dr Chakshu Mahajan and Dr. Parvinder kour. Paramedical personnel  comprises Kamal Sharma, Kashmiri Lal, Raghav Rajput, Amandeep Singh  and Volunteers includes Gourav Sharma, Aman Gupta, Rajinder Singh, Sarbjeet  Singh, Gourav, Suresh Baigra, Nitin Gupta, Rajinder ,  Vikas Sabharwal, Ankush Kohli, Raj Kumar and Vikas Kumar.

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