BJP will win all 12 Surat city seats: Dr Jitendra

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SURAT, Nov 22: Addressing the media amidst the scrutiny of  nomination papers of the Assembly constituencies for which yesterday was the last date for filing papers, Union Minister and BJP Election Co-Incharge for Gujarat, Dr Jitendra Singh exuded confidence and said, BJP will comfortably win all the 12 Assembly seats in Surat city and this will be a befitting reply to those who have been seeking to provoke tension and strife in this industrially sensitive town.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, a lot of speculations have been made over the last three months about the presumed discontent among the people of Surat on account of GST, demonetisation etc., but all these wild speculations will be put to rest when the election results are declared on the 18th of December and the message goes out loud and clear that the heart and the soul of the people of Surat were always with the BJP because of their confidence that it is only the BJP dispensation, guided by Narendra Modi, which can watch their professional and business interests with justice and open mind. He said, the people here feel secure with BJP and are convinced that if ever they have any apprehension or doubt about any new policy or programme initiated by the Modi Government, they will always have an opportunity to get their concerns addressed democratically and sensitively.

Emphasising his words, Dr Jitendra Singh asked the media persons to take a note of his prediction that 18th December will prove to be a watershed in the history of Indian democracy and will mark the beginning of the end of caste politics perpetuated by the Congress Party for the survival of dynasty rule.

Neither Congress party nor its associates, according to Dr Jitendra Singh, have any alternative agenda for the youth or any alternative policy on reservation. Their opposition to BJP is sheerly motivated by a desperate bid to dislodge the BJP from the seat of power, but this is not going to happen, he said.

Gujarat has always been a model State for the rest of India in a number of ways, said Dr Jitendra Singh and predicted that it is again from here that on 18th of December, Gujarat will send out the message that India of 2017 and Gujarat of 2017, comprising more than 70% of youth population, cannot be swayed or fooled in the name of caste or creed.