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Fresh Up – An initiative to bring Home the Best Bed Mattress

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Fresh Up, is a premium mattress store from M.H. Polymers, having 25+ years of industry experience in manufacturing quality mattresses. The Company has set the stage through its online portal i.e. and selling quality mattresses online in India having premium range of Orthopedic, Spring and Memory Foam Mattress India.

Memory Foam provides comfort and gets its name due to its quality to remember the pressure points and adjusting its position accordingly hence memory foam. Further, the memory foam provides superior comfort to the sleeper whether sleeper who sleep on their sides or on back.

Apart from the Memory Foam Mattress India, the company has also introduced high end orthopedic mattresses best suited for people suffer from any form of joint pain such as neck, shoulder, back. The mattress has medium to firm hardness which is required for the people suffering from joint pain as the mattress corrects the alignment of spine and sleeper periodically gets relief from back, shoulder or neck pain. The company uses P.U. Foam and Memory foam to develop the wide range of mattresses.

Spring mattresses also have been designed using two technologies, first the pocket springs so that partner’s sleep doesn’t get disturb due to movement and another is traditional bonnell springs.

All such great range of mattresses is available online at great price, so checkout and bring home the best sleeping comfort.