April 19, 2019
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Arrogant, Filthy, Fake Engg aspires for slushy posting at MVD -Part II

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JAMMU:  Securing jobs and qualifying entrance examinations for professional courses in the state of Jammu and Kashmir seems more serious and gigantic than what it comes to the public domain in recent past. There are more than hundred such cases where the beneficiaries have managed to intrude into lucrative government jobs through fraudulent tactics.

Though the present Governor S.P Malik has adopted a tough line and vouch to book all such fraudsters under criminal code with severe punishment but the task is herculean as these criminals are spread in length and breadth of the several state government departments.

As per the documents available with the mandate, out of several such scam one of the candidates who presently working as Assistant Engineer in Mechanical Department has managed to qualify the entrance examination of Govt polytechnic, Bikram Chowk through proxy candidate who happens to be his elder brother. As per the Crime Branch officer in such cases the beneficiary as well as the proxy candidate is equal culprits and both are liable to be prosecuted under various provisions of law for hatching criminal conspiracy through ‘common intention’. The quantum of punishment in such cases varies from 2 to 7 years and if the accuseds managed government jobs through such means, in such a scenario the entire salary drawn so far and in this case it would run into several crores shall be recovered with penalty besides lost of job.

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International Skater in Dock for fraudulent admission Part -I

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Jammu: Securing berth in professional colleges through fraudulent means by proxy candidates seems a deep rooted nexus in the state. In the past several such cases has been come into light involving kith and kins of businessmen as well as MLAs in the state. Recently, a case of similar nature has come to fore nearly 28 years after it took place.

In this case, a renowned international skater managed to secure berth in Government Polytechnic, Bikram Chowk, Jammu for three years diploma course through fraud.

As per available documents, in 1990 the then Competent Authority (now BOPPEE) held entrance examination for selection of candidates for three diploma course. In this exam, the said international skater managed to qualify the examination through proxy candidate which happened to be his elder brother. He did so because at the time of examination, he was out of station in other state for some interstate skate event.

Later, this skater after completing the diploma course got selected as junior engineer in state PHE department. As per the documents, his entire government service is fraud as the position which he secured is basically managed through deceitful means as at the time of entrance examination he was not present in the state. This is a fit case of fraud where he as well as his brother are accused and even the salary which he has drawn till date likely to be recovered, said sources.

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